RAW Initiative

RAW Initiative

Rufus Leonard Bets On The Future Of Our Industry

The agency's RAW Initiative works with school and universities

By rufus leonard

RAW initiative

RAW is about the people who are the future of our industry.

Our experience and knowledge, teamed with their ideas and fresh perspective, will shape the creative world of tomorrow.

The Rufus RAW initiative gives us the opportunity to build a collaborative culture from the ground up – to mentor, empower and learn from the talent of tomorrow. Working with schools and universities to stage Rufus agency days and internships; together, we’re raising our creative game.

The primary objective of our internship is to attract and retain top talent.

To build from bottom up, stimulating other members of Rufus and giving them management experience by mentoring the interns.

We are interested in talent, not degrees or who someone knows, just pure talent.

If you impress us, you can stay on for longer. If you really impress us, there's the possibility of a permanent role on the team.

The impact to Rufus is the energy it brings to the studio, the different perspective and it offers the chance for our employees to up their game; for some they have gained promotion because of the experience that mentoring an intern has had on them. Our interns who gain employment via the scheme, then go on to be mentors.



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