Act for Food by Marcel for Carrefour

Creative Business Transformation Lions: Cannes 2021 Decoded

The inaugural Grand Prix went to ‘Act for Food’ by Marcel, Paris for Carrefour

By Creative Salon

The new Creative Business Transformation Lions celebrate the creativity that drives businesses forward. The inaugural Grand Prix went to ‘Act for Food’ by Marcel, Paris for Carrefour, a worldwide programme of actions for the food transition to improve health and make our food system better for farmers and the planet.

FCB Chicago/ FCB New York has scooped the Gold Lion for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold 'Contract for Change'. The campaign has also won a Silver Lion in the category.

The campaign has taken on the mission of transforming America’s agriculture with Contract for Change: an agreement that farmers sign today that guarantees them a buyer in three years when their organic transition is complete, removing the biggest barrier. Contract for Change was offered to all American farmers.

Creative Business Transformation Lions received 202 entries and awarded 9 Lions: 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze.

Jeff Geheb, the global chief experience officer at VMLY&R and juror for the Creative Business Transformation Lions, spoke to Creative Salon about trends that caught his eye among the entries, and what it takes to grab the jury’s attention in the category.

What interesting trends did you see in the category?

Although purpose-driven brands aren’t a new insight, the work in this category demonstrated more than ever that there must be a clear and relatable purpose driving business transformation.

None of the business transformation stories we saw were driven purely or successfully through market share increases or profit-motives. Instead, they focused on connecting their brand to a higher purpose and organising the business in a way that supported the mission—and ultimately drove growth for the business.

That said, looking at the work across this category, the way companies “transformed” was extremely diverse. The use of digital/technology was not the singular or most important ingredient. We saw many ideas that achieved their goals through packaging, retail, or other innovations, which really proves that we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the incredible ways we can make profound changes to a business.

And do you have any advice for brands looking to win in the category in future?

We say this often, but transformation can truly come from anywhere. The work in this category really highlighted the range of origins in thinking. Some were clearly a result of a well-researched strategy plan, but just as many came from companies that moved on a dime to activate on a new cultural insight, an emerging consumer behaviour, or an advancement in technology.

To be successful, you need to be agile and hold to convictions when an opportunity presents itself.


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