Cannes Lions 2024 picks 5

Pick Us A Cannes Lions Winner (Part 5 )

Throughout the week we are rounding up some of the best UK work by highlighting some of the entries in the running for Cannes Lions glory

By Creative Salon

You don't need us to tell you that UK agencies and marketers have a terrific track record of taming Lions at the annual Festival of Creativity in Cannes. The nation is a top two or three player and - given our size - punch well above our weight when it comes to our awards haul. So this week we're picking the best of the best UK entries to look out for on the winners' podium.

Next up, the entries from Mother and Grey London.


Uber One 'Best Friends' - entertainment/film/craft

This campaign saw Hollywood icon Robert De Niro and Sex Education star Asa Butterfield become unlikely friends as they navigated London using Uber One. The service allows users to save money across Uber and Uber Eats, with £0 delivery fees and discounted rides alongside exclusive perks and benefits, with the membership programme now being used by over one million members in the UK.

Ikea 'Big Blue Bag' - outdoor

To mark the opening of the new Ikea store in Oxford Circus, the Swedish brand plastered a giant version of its iconic blue bag onto the side of its soon-to-be store. Not only did the campaign cover up the scaffolding on the ex-Topshop building but it also hoped to create a buzz around the opening of the branch which is set to open in autumn this year.

Greenpeace 'Don't Stop' - craft/use of music

The campaign and star-studded cover of Fleetwood Mac’s iconic single 'Don’t Stop' hoped to inspire a new generation of climate activists. The short film was devised by Mother, created by Grammy-winning producer Fraser T Smith and exec-produced by Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen.

KFC 'Christmas' - humour

The campaign responded to social media requests for turkey burgers last Christmas and ultimately turned the nation down. The brand added: "Kentucky Fried Turkey? KFT?! You didn't really think we were going to do it, did you? We're KFC for heaven's sake. And in case you didn't know, the C stands for chicken."

Uber Eats 'Do Less' - creative effectiveness (the campaign won a Gold Lion in the Film category last year)

The ‘Embrace the art of doing less’ campaign includes three hero ads - Do Less Dance, Do Less Nails and Do Less Parrot - all vignettes of what you can do with the time you’re saving by getting the things you need delivered by Uber Eats, each with music that builds a story.

Uber 'Trains' - craft/copywriting/OOH/film

'Trains, now on Uber' let the UK know that they can book not only cars and bikes on the Uber app, but trains too. The campaign dramatised the brand’s latest feature by using behaviours and language that have become synonymous with people’s Uber experience - like the awkward wave to the driver, or the way you confirm you're getting into the right car.

Ikea 'Meatball' - brand experience/activation

Ikea launched its first-ever Turkey-Sized Meatball last Christmas, combining the scale of Christmas turkey with Ikea's classic meatball. Weighing 4.5kg and ready to cook, it came with lingonberry jam and creamy sauce, making it a "joyful centerpiece for any holiday meal".

AntsLive 'Cutlery' - entertainment/music videos

Mother created the music video for alternative UK rapper AntsLive.

Grey London

Aquafresh 'Perfect Teeth Are Just Healthy Teeth' - Design / Design Craft / Brand Experience / PR / Media / Health / Creative Strategy

To combat the distressing statistic that one in two kids feel low self-confidence because of their teeth, Aquafresh and Grey London joined forces to empower all kinds of teeth; from bucky gaps to snaggle tooths to tinsel-teeth, and everything in between.

Peta 'Pig Farm' - Film / Film Craft / Entertainment

The hard-hitting film highlighted the atrocities of pig farming and called for the public to go vegan. Directed by Jeff Low, the animated film also drew inspiration from Cuphead and Ren and Stimpy.


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