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Creative Salon's Top 10 Most Read Campaigns of 2023

We reveal which campaigns attracted the most readers this year

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As we approach the end of the year, we reflect on the most widely-read campaigns featured on the Creative Salon site throughout 2023.

Our lack of a paywall or content meter allows us to discern the content that truly captures the interest of the broader audience. The Creative Salon's Top Ten showcases the projects that are garnering widespread attention from the general public.

10. Mona Lisa jets off to Athens in latest EasyJet campaign by VCCP

Holiday makers, EasyJet launched an integrated campaign and brand platform called 'Get Out There,' emphasising the enduring prioritisation of travel despite the cost of living crisis. In the pan-European campaign, created by VCCP, iconic objects of tourism, like the Mona Lisa and David, break free from their frames to symbolise the unbounded joy of travel, with a unique approach of featuring real people rather than digital or AI representations.

In the 30-second film directed by Patrick Daughters, Mona Lisa leaves her frame in the Louvre, grabs her passport, and takes an easyJet flight to Athens. The film showcases familiar faces enjoying the best of Europe, from beach sunbathing to coastal road trips, accompanied by impactful stills supporting the campaign across owned channels.

9. La Famiglia Rana unveils its biggest UK campaign to date by BMB

La Famiglia Rana, an Italian pasta brand, launched its largest campaign in the UK, featuring the brand's first cross-channel TV and out-of-home (OOH) campaign since partnering with creative agency BMB in 2021. Created by BMB, 'Italy’s Best Kept Secret,' campaign challenges a romanticised perception that Italians make fresh pasta from scratch for every meal.

The humorous film, 'Bravo Brian,' set in Verona, follows a British character, Brian, attempting to impress his Italian girlfriend's family by passing off La Famiglia Rana Tortelloni as his own "family recipe." The storyline unfolds with a surprising revelation that both Brian and the Italian matriarch have been secretly using La Famiglia Rana’s fresh filled pasta.

8. KFC turns down requests for kentucky fried turkey this Christmas in a spot by Mother

The turkey didn't make it to the table this year for KFC in their festive add that addressed suggestions for "Kentucky Fried Turkey" (KFT). KFC clarified they were sticking with chicken, as the "C" stands for chicken. Despite numerous requests for turkey, KFC maintained its commitment to chicken, boasting over 70 years of making the world's best-fried chicken.

As part of the Christmas campaign, KFC introduced the 'Stuffing Stacker'—two fillets of Original Recipe Chicken, spicy cranberry sauce, and a sage and onion stuffing patty. To mark the season, KFC featured a world-first anti-UCG campaign, challenging the notion that the customer is always right.

7. Kellogg's reinvents Crunchy Nut’s famous strapline in latest spot by Leo Burnett

Kellogg unveiled 'Obsessed,' a humorous take on the irresistible allure of Crunchy Nut. The campaign, the first in a series of commercials, humorously highlights the problematic consequences of a Crunchy Nut obsession within an amorous couple's bedroom antics. Departing from its traditional approach, the iconic strapline is transformed into a catchy jingle, creating an audio meme that vividly brings to life the challenges of being obsessed with Crunchy Nut.

The 20-second film, directed by Juliet May of Merman and created by Leo Burnett, amusingly depicts a scene where a romantic moment turns into a cereal-centric twist, setting the stage for a series of upcoming films exploring the trials and tribulations of a Crunchy Nut fanatic's life.

6. Flora Plant encourages people to “Skip the Cow” by Pablo London

Heading right back to the beginning of 2023, Pablo and Flora Plant encouarged the public to reconsider where their butter comes from before they spread it on their toast. The tongue-in-cheek campaign showcased Flora Plant, a plant-based butter alternative that spreads, bakes, and tastes so good that it prompts the question: why did we ever use a cow in the first place?

The 30-second spot, directed by James Rouse through Biscuit, featured the owner of Terry’s Cafe in a food-documentary style film, humorously expressing reluctance to try Flora Plant. As Terry explains the intricate process of cow digestion, he realises the absurdity of his stance, signaling the end of dairy butter as Flora Plant heralds the future of a great-tasting alternative.

5. Currys staff don beards and eat manuals in a new humorous spot by AMV BBDO

Currys unveiled its new brand platform, "Beyond Techspectations," during an August back-to-school campaign. The set of films, crafted by AMV BBDO, elevated humour to new heights. The campaign underscored Currys' dedication to consistently providing top-notch expertise and technological knowledge through its well-trained staff.

Embracing a humorous approach, the ads highlighted the retailer's unparalleled tech proficiency, showcasing the commitment of its colleagues to go above and beyond in engaging and memorable ways. Whether it involves consuming instruction manuals for extra knowledge or growing long beards as a symbol of wisdom, the series aims to captivate audiences with its playful take on tech expertise.

4. Kevin the carrot visits 'William Conker and the Christmas Factory' in Aldi festive spot by McCann London

Aldi unveiled its 2023 Christmas advertisement, featuring the return of Kevin the Carrot for more mischief as he visited 'William Conker’s' magical ‘Christmas Factory’.

The 90-second ad featured five winners exploring a festive factory including Kevin and his 'Grate Grandad'. Amid mischievous characters and predicaments, Kevin emerges as the last carrot standing, sharing his good fortune and spreading seasonal goodwill. The ad concludes with a message about the sweetness of Christmas when shared, accompanied by characters like 'Ebanana Scrooge' and 'Marcus Raddishford' from Aldi’s Christmas past.

3. Edgar Wright directs McDonald’s ad celebrating the unspoken invitation to enjoy its menu in ad by Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett celebrated the universal joy in communicating the ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ moment. The campaign centered on the creative insight that the invitation to grab a Maccie’s was so universal, it could be communicated without uttering a single word. The social-first campaign celebrated this knowing look with a series of through-the-line ads and activations, all designed to get the nation raising their arches and joining in.

The film, directed by cult British filmmaker Edgar Wright, starts in an office as a heavy folder is slammed onto a desk. Two colleagues exchange knowing glances, nod in agreement, and with smiles, lead a lunchtime escape. The entire office, including window cleaners and the postman, joins in a shared moment of release.

2. Flying goats: Virgin Media's latest WiFi guarantee campaign by VCCP

Virgin Media launched the second installment of its 'To Better and Beyond' creative platform, introducing the Goat Glider as the new protagonist symbolising Virgin Media’s superior WiFi Guarantee. Developed in collaboration with VCCP London, the integrated brand campaign highlighted Virgin Media's new ethos and tagline 'See What You Can Do,' showcasing the company's ultrafast broadband.

The campaign's film unfolds on a remote mountainside with a herd of goats in distress, set to the 80s classic 'St Elmo's Fire' by John Parr. As the hang glider, driven by an adventurous goat, speeds off the mountain's edge, the strapline, 'Why stumble when you can soar?' is revealed through a joyous voiceover.

1. Just Eat delivers Christina Aguilera and Latto 'Did Somebody Say' ad by McCann London

Just Eat launched the latest phase of its 'Did Somebody Say' brand platform, featuring pop icon Christina Aguilera and rising hip-hop star Latto as the campaign's faces. It marked the first instance where the platform combines two artists and two distinct musical genres.

Latto and Christina Aguilera are adorned in baroque attire, portraying operatic queens. They are presented with a selection of their preferred Just Eat dishes, such as tacos, poke bowls, and fresh Thai salad, while delivery couriers and operatic admirers execute intricate choreography in their vicinity. Latto's energetic hip-hop vibe harmonised with Christina Aguilera's operatic vocal range, creating an unexpected musical spectacle.


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